Design a Stunning Show

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

When it comes to design, the EHE has everything you need to create beautiful shows that will grab your audience's attention. Check out our essential products.

Choose from 3 stunning types

Different tools for different jobs . No need to use a fork in your stone soup, yet again, why are you drinking stone soup.

Add some spice

You can make some pretty nice presentations with these stage effects

  • Lazahs

  • Smonk

  • fonk

  • Hank

  • Sum pwetty neet tweet

Customize all your shows quickly we make ez for the show hosts


No Bias Russian bias here

You can trust us with that statement! Check out this video on other fog machines from other companies are products may be similar but our difference is in confidence, trust and support, so we don't worry.

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